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Audio and Video
Blue Screen - Keyed Backgrounds and Virtual Sets
Shoots - In-Studio and On-location
Video Format - Standard and High Definition
Audio - Dolby Digital 5.1 Sound
Editing - Intel Core 2 Quad CPU based Computer

DVD and CD Authoring
Content - Original Audio, Graphic, Photo, and Video Elements
Authoring - Create Composite for final DVD/CD Master
DVD Format - MPG Video File
CD Format - MP3, Wave, Midi, WMA
Disc Labels - Design from original elements
Disc Cases - Paper, Plastic Thin and Full






Internet Publishing
Prepare - Audio, Graphics, Photos, and Videos for Web
Creation - Web Site Construction and Applications
Hosting - On Our Servers
Webmaster - Maintain Site, Available On Request
Uploads - Upload Files for Quick Viewing

Available Services
Acting Lessons - Private or Small Group Sessions
Casting - Small, Efficent Work Area for Auditioning Actors
Consulting - Finding the Right Direction for Your Project
Projects- Directing, Producing, Script Writing













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